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Digital Interaction


Digital Interactions enables enterprises to digitize the core and offer a robust experience orchestration across all channels of engagement. With the rapid advancements in the UI technologies, we help enterprises to stay relevant, all the while future proofing their technology investments and enhancing their time-to market.

Customer expectations are evolving fast, fuelled by innovation and disruptive technology. They are demanding engaging and immersive experiences that are driven by hyper personalization. Becoming a digital enterprise would involve narrating the customer journey, identifying right moments of truth, crafting the right experience design and converting it into immersive engagement at all points of interaction.

Experience Transformation

Organizations are looking at transforming the experiences by leveraging the right context and data and converting it into immersive engagement.

Digitizing the Core

Enterprises need to re-imagine the business processes leveraging digital and mobile technologies, fundamentally changing how they operate.

Disrupting the Business

Standards are being shaken and norms nullified as digital disruption spreads. There is a high demand for organizations to adopt new digital technologies.

Today’s customers demand quick, easy service and expect frictionless interactions with companies whenever wherever and however they want. In fact, 90% of consumers expect an organisation to offer a self-service customer support channel . Research by PAYODSOFT,have found that customers desire this self-service to be provided completely in digital channels. Conversely, if they can’t be provided with this or cannot find the answers they’re looking for with ease, they are quick to leave.

PAYODSOFT Marketplace solution is a just-in-time, demand and supply marketplace, intended to help enterprises tackle uberization of digital commodities. It acts as a catalyst to create quick, scalable, adaptable, and configurable Digital Marketplaces with a reach on mobile channels and web channels. Our platform based solution is Mobile First, Cloud Ready and built for global deployments.