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Digital Process Automation


PAYODSOFT Agile & DevOps Services adopt a Design Thinking-led approach to enterprise agility that helps clients drive Agile & DevOps adoption in an integrated way, taking an end-to-end view of the value chain, guided by Lean principles. We help you systemically make the changes through rapid iterations, enabled by intelligent automation.

Drive contextual, automated & personalized customer interactions to increase retention and acquisition while increasing efficiency of front office, mid office and back office.Whereas savings and productivity measures were the focus of process improvement efforts traditionally, the digital transformation imperative forces firms to shift their focus towards improving customer and digital experiences.This shift to new digital business models is particularly pertinent for financial services companies which are not only impacted by the change but can also help their own customers enable the shift towards digital business.It’s therefore critical that these organizations focus on both transforming customer-facing processes and digitizing operational processes in order to enable excellent process management in this brave new digital world.


Unlike technology-led initiatives, where success can often be measured in cost reduction,broad strategies like digital transformation cross technology and organizational boundaries.

Success Metrics

Be prepared to measure new outcomes in new ways. Focus on metrics that measure the ability to win, serve, and retain customers. Customer satisfaction, customer journey metrics


to cover the whole spectrum of Analytics work done in an organization, from Insights and Modeling to AI and ML which will help us to take the decisions effectively and advance.


to enable organizations to be GDPR ready by leveraging our end to end framework – Assess, Define, Administer and Manage the data more efficiently and for the valid points.

Where do I start?

This shift in focus has in turn necessitated that firms move away from simple process management and towards automation.Traditionally, business process management (BPM) has focused mainly on back-office process optimization to reduce costs.Digital process automation (DPA) utilizes these same underlying technologies, skills, and investments that supported BPM, but shifts the focus towards customers, digital experiences, operations, ecosystems, and innovation. To support this shift, technology must support all the existing functional requirements of BPM while enabling rapid application development with far greater business stakeholder participation, consumer-level user experiences, and rapid innovation that customers demand.

Though most financial services firms are still planning and beginning implementation, the move towards DPA is clear. Only 19% of these respondents are still focused on traditional BPM, while on the other end of the spectrum, a mere 3% say they are ahead of the curve in DPA