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PAYODSOFT development methodology promotes a result-driven interactive approach and guarantees better customer service in terms of quality and cost. PAYODSOFT continuously improves our methodology to meet customer expectations through accelerated development schedules and high quality results. We have refined our business processes by blending leading industry practices spanning from classical Waterfall to modern Agile methodologies.

We have been working both with software vendors and non-software companies in projects with teams located in different parts of the world. While successful distributed development allows teams to develop high quality software faster, leading to improved business agility and a greater capacity to handle the pressures of competition, the challenges are significant. You need to:

  • communicate accurately and unambiguously across the barriers imposed by distance, time zones languages, or cultures – or all of these factors;

  • manage all dimensions of the software development lifecycle – requirements, change and assets, testing, coding, etc. – in a distributed environment.

PAYODSOFT can help here, for we know perfectly well how to ensure there are neither overlaps nor conflicting delivery terms.

Agile for Distributed Development

  • The Agile framework maintains a customer focus and affirms that all remote teams will deliver the highest-priority features first.

  • Sprint reviews ensure that the delivered features are reviewed and that feedback is shared.

  • Continuous integration creates frequent integration points between all remote teams, facilitating problem resolution as issues arise.

  • Test driven development supports the simplest design with good test coverage, and assures that no additional features are created which were not requested by the Product Owner.

  • Refactoring strengthens evolutionary design and helps teams resolve the architectural issue.

Distributed Team Patterns at PAYODSOFT

Common infrastructure
  • Integrated code base
  • Single CI server
  • Hourly automated builds
  • Online project management tool
  • Wiki and blogs
  • Shared mailing list and folder
Complete alignment
  • Technology alignments
  • Tool alignments
  • Engineering best practices
High communication modes
  • Sprint planning
  • Sprint review
  • Daily standups
  • Retrospectives

Key Benefits You Get

Strong Project and Process management

Our project managers act as a focal point for all your project-related needs. Project managers are involved in the entire project lifecycle to plan, organize, control and deploy key milestones, deliverables according to your goals. Plus all PAYODSOFT projects are supervised by our CTO, who is responsible for processes audit and enforcement, as well as for measurement of existing processes against established metrics and process improvements analysis and implementation.

In-depth Requirements Analysis

Here at PAYODSOFT we pay special attention to the discovery phase to ensure that the final product fully meets your expectations. PAYODSOFT Business Analysts define easier ways to attain what you need, while Project Managers identify the most suitable development methodology and cooperation model, as well as assemble the most effective project team, and the tech experts work on technical feasibility and select the most efficient technologies.

Thorough Quality

We have an independent QA department responsible for providing quality assurance throughout the entire Software Development Lifecycle of every project. Depending on the size of the latter, we allocate a testing team and define a QA timeframe, which allows us to optimize involvement and project costs. Though independent by virtue of their duties, our QA experts work in close cooperation with our development team.

Knowledge to Build on

Since our inception we have been building up a knowledge base by working on hundreds of development projects. We have absorbed the best approaches to achieve maximum performance and the highest quality when delivering projects, avoiding redundant complexity that affects both budget and timing.

DevOps and Continuous Delivery

We are embracing DevOps to ensure the synergy between development and operations by paying close attention to key pain-points in your DevOps needs and automating end-to-end delivery processes while ensuring scalability and security of your infrastructure.

Transparent Communication

Transparency enables both you and us to see at a glance, whether we are on track to meet the goals or are blocked on one or more directions, and eliminate these blockers. That is why right at the project launch we agree with you on a communication plan tailored to your needs to work on different levels – from core team to management stakeholders.