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Engineering Services

Engineering Services

PAYODSOFT Engineering Services provides the right blend of traditional and NextGen engineering services. We bring the full stack knowledge coupled with world-class domain and engineering expertise. Deccan has a rich legacy of product engineering and product development across industry sectors. We are strategically positioned to respond to real-time customer needs and build technology offerings that are highly competitive while focusing on continuous cost improvements. PAYODSOFT helps our customers in engineering evolutionary products and solutions that leverage their investment in existing assets and amplifying it with powerful next generation technologies to build hybrid solutions that deliver the business outcomes.

PAYODSOFT helps clients in rapid launching of products to the market to realize revenues, get feedback to improve the product continuously and remain ahead of competition. PAYODSOFT through its state-of-the-art digital technologies has pioneered engineering industry products bringing together multi-disciplines such as embedded, electrical, electronics, mechanical, networking, software and advanced technologies.

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At payodsoft Engineering Services, we think that products can help people comprehend their lives and interactions more effectively. As a result, we concentrate on finding and providing viable solutions that fully support product innovation across the whole product lifecycle management spectrum, including concept, design, construct, manufacture, operate, and maintain.

This is accomplished by:

  • Through our core competence in mechanical, embedded, electronics, electrical, and software systems, we apply cutting-edge technology for integrated product development.
  • Connected systems, machines, and processes will help to integrate the physical and digital worlds, making everything smarter and better.
  • For greater connection, old network models are being transformed into modern, secure, and dependable network architecture.

Payodsoft Engineering Services is strategically positioned to respond to real-time customer needs and to proactively provide revolutionary solutions that help businesses stay ahead of the competition. We help businesses deliver better goods and services while lowering costs, increasing efficiency, and operating in a more environmentally friendly manner. All while adhering to industry standards and meeting the requirements of the sectors in which we work.

We assist clients in developing a disruptive path for launching new products, enabling growth, and differentiating themselves. We also offer constructive suggestions for increasing efficiency, teamwork, and sustainability in the way they manage their products’ complete life cycle. Payodsoft has pioneered engineering industry products bringing together multi-disciplines such as embedded, electrical, electronics, mechanical, networking, software, and advanced technologies through its state-of-the-art digital technologies.

After years of assisting customers with their digital transformations, we’ve learned that a Live Enterprise is one that invests as much in reinventing its operational model as it does in redesigning customer journeys and experiences. Our clients rely on our operational models to guide them through their next steps.


It’s not about the next big thing for our clients, who are industry leaders; it’s about everything that’s next. The next adventure. The next big thing. The following option. We collaborate with them to develop holistic solutions that may adapt to address emerging allied and adjacent issues, rather than band-aid answers.


The Payodsoft Technology and Innovation Hubs are our fail-fast-learn-faster agile co-creation settings for digital transformation that are carefully cultivated in those places of the world where we have the most extensive client clusters. . These offer the benefits of on-demand, in-person collaboration to our client engagements, which is often critical to driving enterprise-wide digital outcomes.


Our agile approaches are tailored to meet the demands of today’s complex enterprise technology ecosystem. We enable our clients to scale teams by leveraging talent pools in-market and at our proximity centres, which are augmented by teams from around the world.


Our automation solution relies heavily on self-healing and self-learning capabilities to eliminate inefficiencies from beginning to end. This increases productivity by up to 10 times, saves time and resources, and removes repetitive chores from human hands, giving people the bandwidth and resources to focus on jobs that robots can do better.


We’re also putting a lot of effort into reskilling our staff for the digital age. Because we ‘learn by doing,’ our delivery centres and hubs harness developing technology capabilities, demos, and best-in-class solutions fostered at Payodsoft internationally, we’ve transformed our strategy for the digital age, not just in what we learn but also in how we learn.

Our Offerings

Our business solutions and services aid in the acceleration of innovation, the improvement of productivity, the reduction of expenses, and the optimal usage of assets.